IKO is BIM ready

BIM, it’s all over the place these days! IKO has decided to ride the BIM wave. From now on, BIM users can download the IKO library from the website. IKO wants to help simplify the work process of architects and other players. To that end, it makes all of its product specifications readily available in a single digital environment. Whether it be architects, contractors or engineers, more and more building professionals are switching to the BIM method.

BIM? What is that?
BIM stands for Building Information Modelling, a software application that is increasingly being used in the construction industry. It is the only digital platform that brings together all aspects of a construction project. All parties involved, such as the architect, the contractor or the engineer, have access to 1 platform, and are in direct contact with one another through their specific BIM project – an integrated approach from design to execution.


All IKO products have now been put in a database. This database contains all relevant product details, such as insulation values, dimensions, thicknesses etc. about all our roofing, waterproofing and PIR insulation materials. You can simply download them from the website.

By joining BIM, IKO aims to contribute to more efficient and sustainable construction projects!

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