IKO Roofing Membranes: IKO carrara, the ECO Solution

IKO carrara is an ECO roofing membrane which limits theCO2 emissions by reducing the ecological footprint of the roof.The white reflective mineral on the upper side hasAir Care Technology incorporated into it, which has anair-purifying effect. Under the influence of UV light,nitrogen and sulphur oxide are converted intoenvironmentally-neutral substances which are washed away by the rain. This results in significantly improved air quality.


Cooling – Reflective

  • With an SRI (Solar Radiance Index) of 79, IKO carrara reduces the surface temperature of the roof, requiring less cooling of the building, which, in turn, improves its durability.
  • An IKO carrara roof, because of its cooling effect, increases the efficiency of installations like solar panels, air conditioners, …


  • Materials
  • IKO carrara and other high-quality roofing membranes are manufactured using 100% renewable energy
  • The IKO roll roofing itself is 100% recyclable


  • Titanium dioxide coating neutralises nitrogen and sulphur dioxide
  • Air Care Technology

IKO enertherm – Insulating is a Must Do

Reduction of energy consumption
High performance insulation for residential, office and other buildings is the most direct and efficient solution for reducing energy consumption. Reduced energy consumption lowers CO2 emissions, which are responsible for climate change. Effective insulation thereby makes a positive contribution to the environment.

Highest efficiency per m²
Because of its excellent Lambda value, IKO enertherm PIR insulation is a very thin insulation plate with a high insulation value. The low weight and limited volume translate into a reduction of transport/handling costs and CO2 emissions.

Durable insulation

Because of their special properties (humidity and mould resistant, dimensional stability), IKO enertherm insulation boards have an exceptionally long service life and maintain their energy performance.

Renewable resources

The proportion of renewable resources is considerable, including the use of recycled PET bottles in the PIR insulation production process.

No waste

Milling and sawing waste from the IKO enertherm insulation production process is processed into briquettes that are used as a concrete additive.

Distribution of production sites

The IKO Insulations growth strategy is based on the geographical spread of production sites. With this new insulation plant, IKO is able to reduce transport distances and thereby make a substantial contribution in terms of the ecological footprint.

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