The best substrate for green roofs

The best substrate for green roofs

A green roof requires a suitable roofing membrane

Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular in our country, and logically so, because a green roof is environmentally friendly, makes your roof covering last much longer, and offers many other benefits. However, it is important that you install your green roof on a suitable roofing membrane. IKO has various types of roofing membranes with root resistant properties. They allow you to safely convert your roof into a green roof.

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Installing green roof on root resistant roofing

A green roof is a roof that is covered with vegetation. Examples of such vegetation are grasses, herbs or succulents. Clearly, the roots of such vegetation pose a risk of damaging the roof covering sooner or later. To avoid this, you should install your green roof on a root resistant roofing membrane. This will ensure many years of enjoyment of your green roof without any roof covering problems.

IKO carbon 250 and IKO roofgarden Pantera are also root resistant and solid, and therefore ideally suited for installation of a green roof.

IKO’s green roof solutions

IKO offers a variety of root resistant roofing membranes as the ideal base for your green roof. IKO roofgarden is a roof roll designed especially for green roofs and also for creating a roof garden, for example. IKO roofgarden is a waterproofing membrane composed of plastomer (APP) or elastomer (SBS) bitumen. With their extra root resistance and solid polyester-glass composite inlay, these membranes are ideally suited as a substrate for green roofs. This solid membrane is thus able to withstand damage caused by the vegetation and makes the roof suitable for pedestrian traffic. For added safety, these roof rolls are used in a multi-ply roof system with a bituminous underlay and cap sheet.

Green roof benefits

Perhaps you are already familiar with the terms “intensive green roof” and “extensive green roof”. An intensive green roof is a garden roof similar to a garden at ground level: planted with brushes, herbs and even trees. These green roofs are designed to be used as an actual (vegetable) garden and to be walked on frequently. It is therefore important that not only the roofing membrane but also the underlying roof structure is sufficiently solid.

Extensive green roofs, by contrast, are vegetated with plants such as mosses, herbs and succulents (sedum roof). An extensive green roof is not designed to be walked on frequently and can therefore also be installed on roof structures with lower load bearing capacity.

However, whichever type of green roof you choose to install, you will enjoy the following major benefits:

  • Good insulating effect (both thermal and sound insulation)
  • A green roof requires hardly any maintenance
  • The protective effect of a green roof quickly and easily doubles the lifespan of your roof covering.
  • Rainwater is absorbed and discharged gradually so that a heavy rain shower will not overwhelm your roof’s drainage system.

Roofs with warranty back-up

If you want to absolutely sure that you have a waterproof green roof, we advise you to have your roofing installed by an IKO Certified Contractor. Every installation is backed up by a 10-year all-in warranty. Any questions?

Looking for advice on installing a green roof? Please feel free to contact an IKO Certified Contractor.

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