IKO enertherm

IKO enertherm

IKO enertherm

Based on our knowledge of roofing, insulation and liquid waterproofing, we develop and manufacture new products which, collectively, form a complete system for new developments and renovation projects in the construction industry.
Within the IKO Group, IKO Insulations develops, manufactures and distributes innovative PIR-based insulation products under the brand name IKO enertherm.This extensive range of insulation boards works perfectly with the other IKO products.

That means: 1 totall supplier for a perfectly waterproof and durable roof.

Performing means pushing the limits

Demand for high-efficiency insulation products in the construction industry continues to grow. To meet this demand, IKO Insulations continuously invests inresearch&development. This is necessary to make products that, time and again, push the boundaries in terms of energy performance and insulation value. Producing a ground-breaking and high-quality product requires a careful balance, whereby materials, form, properties and technology are perfectly aligned, depending on the actual application. That is what sets IKO Insulations apart.

iko enertherm

IKO enertherm and Top-Class Sport

The constant pushing of the limitsin terms of insulation values, energy conservation and the alignment of all factors which contribute to peak performance is similar to a top sportsperson. They too have to constantly push the boundaries of their own abilities: A better time, better condition, more goals, better technique…They achieve top performance not only by training very hard, but through a combination of various factors (food,mental focus, gear, …).

In order to serve you even better, we have a separate website for you about our IKO enertherm insulation products.

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