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With these IKO Guides IKO aims to highlight the various technical aspects of flat roofs that are important to Architects and Roofers. We draw on both our expertise and manufacturing experience in relation to bituminous waterproofing, insulation and liquid waterproofing to produce this series of guides, and we are pleased to have this opportunity to share our flat roof knowledge with you.

Above all, they seek to defend a pragmatic quality philosophy with attention to detail which will benefit clients and roof professionals alike.

Discover all our IKO Guides here below

Flat roof maintenance for a sustainable result

Preparation of the roof floor and use of a primer

Avoid moisture problems with a vapor barrier

Everything about installing PIR insulation on a flat roof

PIR insulation for flat roofs: An obvious choice

All you need to know about the bituminous underlay

This is how you choose and install the bituminous cap sheet

Set-up user guidelines for torch welding installation

Roof drains and outlets

The insured impermeability guarantee

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