IKO hydro Barrier

IKO hydro Barrier, your underground water barrier

Buildings must survive all kinds of weather conditions and are literally, permanently in the ground with their foundations. That makes protecting constructions from infiltrations at the foot of cavity walls an absolute necessity.

Within the range of high-quality bituminous waterproofing membranes, IKO has a solution specifically geared around this issue. The IKO hydro Barrier membranes are the perfect protection against groundwater for foundations.

There are also the IKO hydro Barrier strips in a range of widths for resisting capillary moisture in the walls. The IKO hydro Barrier range is the sustainable solution for waterproofing underground structures and cavity walls.

IKO hydro Barrier

Cellars and foundations

These IKO hydro Barrier membranes are perfectly suited to waterproofing cellars and foundations, thanks to the reinforced polyester glass combination insert.


These IKO hydro Barrier strips are perfectly suited to waterproofing walls, available in a range of widths for immediate fitting convenience.

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IKO hydro Barrier

Detailing of the cavity drainage in an ascending facade

1. Cavity draining membrane
2. Thermal insulation
3. Support floor
4. Slope layer
5. Roof sealing
6. Capstone
7. Metal slab
8. Extra strip of cavity draining membrane

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IKO hydro Barrier

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