IKO polybridge

IKO polybridge

IKO polybridge is a waterproofing membrane composed of plastomer (APP) bitumen and a polyester-glass fibre fleece composite inlay. The upper surface is finished with talc and the lower surface is protected by a thermofusible film.

IKO polybridge, when combined with protection consisting of mastic asphalt or road asphalt, offers an adequate solution to fit car park roofs, bridge decks and tunnels with a bonded waterproofing system that is passable immediately after installation.

IKO polybridge


  • Allows direct application of mastic asphalt at an installation temperature of about 250°C and of road asphalt at a temperature between 160 and 220°C
  • Ensures a good bond between the membrane and the mastic asphalt
  • Good adhesion of the membrane to the concrete substrate

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IKO polybridge

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