IKO – proud sponsor of cyclocross and ice skating

IKO – proud sponsor of cyclocross and ice skating

For IKO, sponsorship of top-level sport is much more than just a logo on a jersey

Are you also passionate about sport? Then you may have already seen the IKO logo flash by on your TV screen. In cyclocross and ice skating in particular, IKO supports the top athletes of today and tomorrow in pushing their limits. As a trusted partner, we help athletes achieve their goals. We also recognise ourselves in their drive. This passion to do better every day is one of the most important core values at IKO.

“High performance means pushing the limits”


The same drive as top athletes

Of course, it helps that the IKO logo flashes by countless times in thousands of living rooms. Spectators who attend live sports competitions are even more immersed in the atmosphere and thrill that sport generates. Sports sponsorship is definitely a good thing for our brand awareness. Although it’s just the visible tip of the iceberg for us. We see our commitment to sport much more as an extension of our company, as an expression of our DNA. In top-level sport, we recognise the drive that we, as a company, also feel to constantly raise the bar. And that’s what it’s all about for us.

IKO Pushing Limits

“A winner is a loser who never gives up”. That may well be the essence of top-level sport. Nobody is ever gifted a medal, every athlete is always looking for ways to improve their performance. Harder training, better equipment, different nutrition, an adapted training schedule, … Every top athlete wants to continually push their own limits. It is this vision that we also find so important at IKO. We express this drive in our motto #IKOPushingLimits.

Every top athlete wants to continually push their own limits. It is this drive that we identify with at IKO.

Always raising the bar

As a company too, we are constantly pushing our limits. And we do that on various fronts.

We make our employees part of our story of #pushinglimits. We want everyone to be able to develop and blossom as optimally as possible within IKO. That is another reason why sponsoring sport is important. Within the company, ‘our’ athletes have a lot of close supporters, and definitely for the big occasions, many people at IKO share in the joy of their achievements. This creates a bond, built around a healthy competitive spirit.

But we are also constantly searching and pushing the limits of our products. That is why we invest so much in research and development. Just like a top athlete, we are constantly fine-tuning every detail in order to maintain our position as a leading company in our field.


State of the art

The goal is to always offer our customers state-of-the-art products and solutions in the field of roofing materials, insulation and liquid waterproofing. To stand still is to go backwards. For instance, our drive to move forward has ensured that our Enertherm insulation currently has an even better insulation value, is extremely pressure-resistant and walkable, and insensitive to moisture. In-house research resulted in our innovative bitumen roofing membranes with white carrara technology and flame-free roofing systems.

Going for gold with Bart Swings and Sanne Cant

The athletes sponsored by IKO are no minnows. Olympic skating champions including Jorien Ter Mors and Esmee Visser skate under the IKO flag. In cyclocross, Sanne Cant, triple world champion, is the most impressive name. Since this year, the top Belgian skater Bart Swings has also been part of the IKO skating team. He won a silver medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics and is determined to get the gold with the IKO team in Beijing 2022.

The top athletes of today and tomorrow

It is also important that we see sports sponsorship as a long-term commitment. It’s not just about linking our name to today’s top athletes. We are resolutely committed to supporting tomorrow’s top athletes and developing talent. For example, both the women and men have a youth team under the IKO flag.

Belgian top talent in cyclocross has also recently chosen the IKO team. Julie De Wilde will definitely ride with our team until 2023. Her reasons for choosing IKO are fully in line with our long-term vision on sport and sponsorship:

Julie De Wilde:

“The fact that a multidisciplinary approach is possible within the team was decisive. In the first instance, I want to progress further in the field, to accomplish the best version of myself. I still have a lot of progress to make, especially on the technical side, and I am convinced that the team will support me with total dedication.”


Don’t want to miss IKO sport news?

In our business operations, we feel an affinity with top-level sport. We also believe in continuous progress. Like top athletes, we start every day with the drive to do better than yesterday. And that’s why you see IKO emblazoned on the jerseys of many athletes in the field and on the ice. Also so you would recognise the name of our company, but above all because you can always rely on us, as a leading company in our field, to go to great lengths to offer you the best solutions.

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