IKO roofgarden

IKO roofgarden

IKO roofgarden is a waterproofing membrane composed of plastomer (APP) or elastomer ( SBS ) bitumen with root resistant additives, fire-retardant properties and a polyesterglass combination reinforcement. The upper surface is finished with dark grey mineral slate and the lower surface is protected by a thermofusible film. This top layer can be applied in a single- or multi-ply system.

IKO roofgarden


  • Root resistant
  • Can be applied in a double layer system for maximum security
  • Can be compartmentalised for easy leak detection
  • High puncture resistance offers protection during installation of the garden
  • Insurance-backed system solution

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Type of roof concept: IKO green roofs

The IKO roofgarden range is the perfect choice for a green roof underlayment. A green roof adds that extra touch to your home. A green roof is covered with all types of vegetation. Grasses, herbs, succulents or other vegetation are used to give the roof an attractive, green appearance. The colour palette also varies with the season. If you choose a green roof then the roofing membrane must be appropriate to protect both the vegetation and the building.

IKO groendak

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