IKO secura

Safe – Fast – Durable

The new IKO secura waterproofing system with Carrara technology is a single-layer, bitumen-based, self-adhesive waterproofing system for flat roofs. By combining proven IKO technology with the benefits of a bitumen roof, IKO has created a unique waterproofing system that effortlessly ensures fire safety on the roof, fast installation and durability.

Safety on the roof, fast installation and durability in one system

The IKO secura system with Carrara technology is unique!

Made of bitumen

  • When it comes to flat roofs, this membrane is the most effective one-layer solution for a perfectly waterproof flat roof that, unlike other one-layer waterproofing systems, is also suitable for grey-water recovery. Furthermore, the installation quality of this system has been optimised thanks to the high-quality (4 mm) bitumen membrane.



  • Perfect for safe, fast and simple installation. If desired, the system can be fully applied without the use of a flame.


Features IKO carrara technology

  • The IKO secura is finished with white granulate treated with titanium dioxide. This means that, besides its excellent waterproofing properties, the membrane also offers many additional functions, including air purification, temperature control and the optimisation of insulation and technical installations. More about IKO carrara technology

Benefits of the IKO secura system:


  • High quality installation, little risk of error
  • Fire-safe membrane (Broof (t1))
  • Flame-free application
  • Safety overlap for immediate sealing and protection of insulation
  • Overlap can be hot air welded or flame welded

IKO speed... Is what you need

  • Self-adhesive membrane for fast and easy installation
  • Option to flame-weld the safety overlap
  • Use of fast-drying primer
  • Single layer system

IKO carrara technology

  • Air-purifying thanks to titanium dioxide (TiO2)
  • Boosts thermal performance of insulation
  • Improves efficiency of technical installations and solar panels on flat roofs
  • Cooling action of roof

Insured guarantee

  • Insured system solution
  • Installation by a Certified IKO Contractor, who has received the required training


  • Highly suited to rainwater recovery
  • Lifespan > 35 years

Unbeatable technology

  • Excellent dimensional stability thanks to the polyester-glass carrier of 250 g/m²
  • Homogeneous connections with high peel-resistance thanks to safety seam
  • High tensile strength – 1000/900 N / 50 mm
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Sticks immediately
  • Fully-tested roof system in terms of application, compatibility, wind resistance and stability
  • Low risk of perforation

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