Tapered insulation

A tapered roof in 1, 2, 3

Optimise the functionality of a flat roof with IKO’s enertherm tapered insulation.

With IKO’s enertherm ALU TAP insulation boards, you can prevent stagnant water or puddle formation on your flat roof. In addition, you can simultaneously provide the roof with high-performance insulation without increasing the pressure on the supporting structure. As a result of the high compressive strength of the boards, a flat roof is created which is perfectly suited for sustainable energy installations such as solar panels and boilers.

A tapered roof has never before been so simple

IKO's new Enertherm sloping system is easy to use

New! 1 - 2 - 3 system

IKO adds 4 new insulation boards to the IKO enertherm ALU TAP range.

With this 1 – 2 – 3 system, you can easily and quickly make a gradient of 2% with 3 boards. You can create many different combinations with IKO’s new system. An efficient system for roofs with limited sloping lengths or for large, complex roofs.

Dikke bitumineuze slab

One solution

1 system, easy and fast installation
Count your returns!

Topkwaliteit verbinding

2% slope

A 2% gradient is standard
for new build projects

Compatibele afvoerbuis

3 boards

Fitted with only 3 products:
2 tapered boards and 1 underlay board

Why choose IKO enertherm tapered 1-2-3?

    • With only three boards, you can create a 2% slope*
    • 2 tapered boards
    • 1 baseboard
    • You kill two birds with one stone: insulation and slope
    • The structural height remains limited, board thickness from 20 mm
    • Tapered PIR insulation is a light and thin solution
    • No stagnant water, improved water recovery

* Recommended for new build projects

The complete range

Take a look at the brochure with IKO’s full range of enertherm insulation boards for flat roofs.

Demo days | Be quick! full = full

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Calculate a tapered scheme?

With our formulation we will help you quickly and efficiently with the calculation.

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