Fire resistance


IKO pays particular attention to the fire resistance of its products. Both our roofing membranes and insulation boards are manufactured in such a way that they are fire-resistant. Therefore, with our roofing and insulation combined into a single roof structure, you resolutely opt for a fireproof solution.

Fire Resistance of the IKO Membranes

The fire resistance of the IKO membranes is achieved by adding expandable graphite to the upper surface of the inlay.This graphite, of natural origin, is highly environmentally-friendly, insoluble in water and acts as a fire retardant through the specific swelling effect. This shields the flame and thus also the heat, stops any dripping of the coating and limits smoke development. The graphite does not leach, causing the fire-retardant effect to remain stable over the years.


Additionally, IKO has a range of self-adhesive vapour barriers and underlays which minimise the use of the torch on the roof.

Do you want a roof that is constructed entirely flame-free? This, too, is possible by applying bitumen roll roofing combined with bitumen cold adhesive and finishing the welds by means of a hot air blower.

Resistance to the incipient spread of fire

A fire can have both an internal and external cause. Particularly in case of an external cause of a fire, there are possibilities to use a roof covering, within a well designed framework, to provide protection that prevents or slows down the spread of fire. This protection is referred to as resistance to the incipient spread of fire.

Most top layers from the IKO range meet the European standard for external fire exposure Broof T1 or T2 (with or without the use of wind during the tests). The top-of-the-range models such as Carrara, Carbon and Pantera comply with the 4 European tests (including heat test). Consequently, they also prove their soundness while undergoing the most stringent fire tests.

Fire resistant IKO enertherm

The IKO enertherminsulation plate has a low to zero smoke emission rate and does not melt or drip. This fire performance is an inherent part of the foam’s cell structure.

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