A utility roof helps you get the most out of your home or office

A utility roof helps you get the most out of your home or office

Do you have a home with a flat roof? In this case, you might have thought about converting it into a utility roof. This is a great idea as roof living spaces greatly increase the fun factor of your home or office building. What would you think, for example, of having a pleasant roof terrace where you can enjoy summer aperitifs or hold open-air meetings? Or how about a fragrant terrace garden bursting with colour where you can grow your own vegetables and herbs. Utility roofs have all kinds of possibilities. However, it is important to use an appropriate roof covering for this purpose. With IKO pantera or IKO carbon, you will be able to enjoy your utility roof for many years to come.

An utility roof with extremely resistant roofing

It goes without saying that a utility roof places an extra strain on the roof. It is important that the roof structure is sufficiently sound and suitable roofing materials have been used. However, you certainly should not delay your plans. Several excellent options exist when it comes to creating a highly comfortable or practical outdoor living space. With the appropriate roof covering, it is guaranteed that you can create a roof terrace or terrace garden that will bring you pleasure for many years. In addition, bituminous roof sheets will immediately give your roof living space an attractive and elegant look.

You can create a roof terrace or terrace garden as part of a renovation project or new construction. Check out our handy tool that will help you find the appropriate roof structure for your project.

Creating a roof terrace with IKO carbon or IKO pantera

At IKO, we have developed two families of roofing rolls, which are fully able to cope with the strain created by a roof terrace or garden terrace. The IKO carbon and IKO pantera ranges have a robust framework, which makes it possible to reinforce the membrane sufficiently so that the roof can cope with heavy use. These bituminous membranes are therefore the ideal choice for an utility roof.

The difference between Carbon and Pantera lies in the type of bitumen used. IKO carbon is made from plastomeric bitumen (APP), whereas IKO pantera is made from elastomeric bitumen (SBB). The IKO carbon range is finished on the lower side with the IKO TURBO profile with burls. This profile enables increased flame contact during flame welding, which makes it possible to lay the roll more quickly than a conventional roll with a smoother upper side.

The IKO carbon and IKO pantera families are able to resist flying sparks (Broof T4), which enables the membranes to show off their qualities, including under the most extreme test conditions. IKO membranes are made fire resistant by adding expandable graphite to the roofing roll.  This fire retardant effect remains stable throughout the life cycle of the roof.

The IKO carbon and IKO pantera ranges are finished with an attractive dark black granulate. This guarantees a very elegant and sleek finish. Another advantage of the mineral finish is that the upper layer is not subject to leaching and grey water can therefore be recovered without any problems.

Protecting your terrace garden roof against roots

Are you thinking of creating a terrace garden? In this case, you should go for a root resistance covering. This will make sure that plant roots cannot push through your roof covering. IKO carbon 250 and IKO pantera Roofgarden have a high quality roof resistant finish, which gives your roof additional protection.

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A roof structure with an insurance-backed guarantee

Was your utility roof fitted by an IKO certified contractor? If it was, the roof comes with a COMPREHENSIVE 10-year insured guarantee. This guarantee covers the product, roof structure and work completed by the IKO Certified Contractor.  Yes, that’s right…!  With IKO pantera and IKO carbon, you will not be leaving anything to chance and will be able to sleep soundly in your roof living space. This is just what you need on a fine spring day. Make the most of it!

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