What is the difference between roofing and EPDM?

What is the difference between roofing and EPDM?

Choosing for roofing or EPDM?

For flat roofs, bituminous membranes are the perfect choice to achieve a bulletproof watertight and sustainable roofing system.

What is the difference between roofing and EPDM?

Wat is het verschil tussen SBS en APP bitumen?


IKO opts for bituminous roofing, also known as roofing. Bitumen has a long lifetime of more than 35 years, making it the most sustainable choice for the flat roof. In addition, bitumen is extra strongand can be used for various purposes. Bitumen also have good climate resistance and can be installed without problem in all climates and seasons. The environment is also thought of. Water is precious and a bitumen roof is ideal for recuperating rainwater. Finally, attention is also paid to aesthetics. A bitumen roof is a nice and tight roof.


EPDM is a group of synthetic rubbers. This means that it is well resistant to long-term exposure to UV radiation. EPDM is easy to install with glue, which is handy for do-it-yourselfers. As a result, the materials are generally cheaper, but the quality is less high and they have a shorter lifespan. EPDM has little impact on the environment, allowing it to be recycled in an environmentally friendlyway.

Roofing, the IKO choice.

Discover all the benefits of bitumen roofing.

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